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Professional & Registered Massage Therapy in Toronto, ON

Registered Massage Therapist in Toronto, ON

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If you are suffering from neck and back pain, joint pains, postural problems, or any other form of muscular problem, we can provide you with a high-quality treatment to give you the pain relief that you’ve been looking for. There are many benefits you can notice from Massage therapy including better mobility, reduced pain, and overall improved health and wellbeing.

Rebecca King is the owner and operator of Myotherapy Toronto. She grew up on the east coast of Australia and moved to Canada in 2012. Her interest in anatomy and the healing capabilities of the body inspired her to pursue a career in massage therapy. She studied massage at the Canadian college of massage and hydrotherapy and graduated with a specialization in sports massage. She is trained in cupping and has completed the trimesters course for pregnancy massage.

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Massage Therapy Has Many Benefits That Can Improve Your Everyday Activities

  • Corrects Posture Deficiencies
  • Reduces Muscle Pain and Stiffness
  • Reduces Stress
  • Increases Range of Motion in Joints and Muscles
  • Helps Increase Productivity

Best Massage in Toronto

November 17, 2023.
Book your appointment now! Rebecca is the best RMT I have had in many years in Toronto. My neck and back felt more mobile and loosened up after one visit and after each visit, I feel like my back is getting better and better. Also, I prefer a generally quiet massage and Rebecca seems very comfortable working in silence which allows me to relax more, not having to make small talk. However, those times I feel more chatty, she's able to adapt.
Britney Wruck
Britney Wruck
November 8, 2023.
Rebecca is a magician! I have deep fascial adhesions and she applies the exact pressure I need to release my (many) knots. If you are a person with stubborn knots and aches, I highly recommend you see Rebecca.
October 15, 2023.
Rebecca is a consummate professional. My whole family has benefited from her expertise and we all highly recommend her. If you are searching for the RMT that will be the last one you’ll ever look for, look no further. Thank you Rebecca, we are healthier because of you!
Alicia Belvedere
Alicia Belvedere
September 22, 2023.
Oh it’s the best massage ever!
Mika Spencer
Mika Spencer
September 17, 2023.
Rebecca is a fantastic massage therapist and one that I am recommending to everyone I know, whether they are looking for one or not! She takes the time to learn about all your problem areas and tailors the massage to be exactly what you need. It was such a relaxing experience and I left feeling lighter and less tense than I have in years. The space is very serene and the process for booking and paying is extremely easy. I couldn't have been happier with my experience and will definitely be returning.
Anthony Langford
Anthony Langford
August 26, 2023.
Best massage in Toronto for those looking for deep tissue massage treatment. Great for athletes and active people
Dori Aspuru-Takata
Dori Aspuru-Takata
August 1, 2023.
My first massage with Rebecca was excellent and relaxing. The second massage was outstanding! Rebecca reaches muscles you don't even realize that you have. I'm working on getting back into regular exercise (which means my body is protesting), and after this morning's massage, I'm feeling so much better and able to concentrate without distraction from acute aches. She applies a truly effective amount of pressure with expert body positioning. It feels like those spring-loaded boxes that open up when you press the right spot--except it's your back, shoulders, and limbs opening up and providing relief from tension. The best!
Ali Goodbaum
Ali Goodbaum
July 3, 2023.
Rebecca is INCREDIBLE. Whether you want a relaxing or a therapeutic deep tissue massage, she will leave you feeling amazing!! She always goes above and beyond to ensure she meets her clients' needs. I would highly recommend her if you are looking for a fabulous massage therapist in the area.
Jennifer Anglin
Jennifer Anglin
June 23, 2023.
I had my second massage with Rebecca today and it was exactly what I needed. She is extremely good at what she does. I came out feeling so much more relaxed and I'm already looking forward to my next one!

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